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SOP for UK student visa

UK student visa process involves a lot of moving pieces and many of them are unavoidably serious ones. Statement of Purpose for your UK student visa application is one such serious document which helps you create a significant positive impact on final result of your UK visa application. We came across a huge number of clients jeopardizing their visa application just because they forgot to put Statement of Purpose document for the UK Student Visa.

Anyway, we know, if you are on AbroadHero website reading this article, you understand the importance of Statement of Purpose for your UK Student Visa application. So, we will spare you from mentioning those details.

First off all, you need to understand…

What is the Statement of Purpose?

As the name suggests, Statement of Purpose is the document outlining the intent behind going for higher education in the country of United Kingdom. Every single sentence should be focused on convincing visa officer why you are a deserving student candidate for the country of UK. You need to have an admission from your chosen university ready before you start writing the Statement of Purpose document.

How difficult it is to write an SOP for UK Student Visa?

It all really depends. If you want to write a mediocre level document just for the sake of it, it shouldn’t be that hard. However, if you are serious about the visa application and your ultimate goal is to convince the visa officer to grant you a visa approval, the process of drafting the perfect Statement of Purpose (SOP) document can be intimidating.

Put yourself in UK visa officer’s shoes and think what he would be looking for in a candidate which can make him put “Visa Approved” stamp on your passport.

The main things UK Visa officer’s look for in your visa SOP:

  • Why you selected particular course at UK university?
  • Why you decided to go for UK and not any other country?
  • Financial Resource Availability
  • Why you would return back to your home country?
  • Your Qualifications for chosen course at UK university
  • And few more important things…

Out of all these, some are very critical things for which visa officer is heavily interested to make a decision for you. For example, why you would be returning back to your home country is crucial for UK visa officer to know. Also, that part of the UK visa SOP is too difficult to our clients.

Does UK Visa SOP have particular format?

One-hundred-percent yes. Many people end up being lazy and write UK Visa SOP in multiple paragraphs. Understand the fact that, any UK visa officer would have multiple applications to process on any given day. You would have to think from visa officer’s perspective. Format for visa SOP for UK matters a lot.

Over the long period of time, we have created, rectified and established a proper UK Visa SOP format targeted for massive success rate for the visa approval.

Anyway, without any fuss or delay, we would like to present you with Statement of Purpose Sample for UK Student visa. Just one warning before we do that..

Important Disclosure: We strongly advice you against copy pasting this whole UK Student Visa SOP Sample and changing the variable information to yours. UK is one of the most strict countries when it comes to plagiarism. UK visa offices have high-end plagiarism detecting softwares and they would be checking all your documents for the originality.

After all, you are writing an SOP for UK visa and not for your school essay submission. You should be very careful about that.

We do not warn this much to any of our clients if they come for suggestions about school essay submissions. But, visa application is totally different thing and visa officers don’t need to grant approvals compulsory. Most of the times, they are looking for the reasons to reject and authenticity of the application is highly sorted requirements to UK visa officers to filter through fake candidates.

Our writing team here at AbroadHero Immigration has been doing tremendous job for last 8 years helping people secure UK visa approvals on the first go. Many students face difficulty in language and especially UK tone of writing. We have helped such students draft a perfectly strong and highly convincing UK Visa SOP from scratch and ready to be attached with their visa file. We write SOP in a manner that we are applying for our own children.

Over the time, we have articulated a perfect process to come up with a winning Statement of Purpose document for UK Visa. Out of all the countries, UK Visa SOP is our speciality and continue to do so now and forever.

We follow simple yet effective process to draft a super strong SOP for your UK Visa. Once you place an order with us, we email you the easy-to-fill Questionnaire Form right away. It includes some fundamental details about your academic as well as work profile if you have any. Also, there would be questions on your selected course or program, university and financial resource availability along with your English Language Proficiency (TOEFL or IELTS) score.

Once we get the Questionnaire back, we start the process of writing one-hundred-percent unique SOP tailored to your own profile and targeted to UK visa officer in British English tone. We deliver it by email with-in promised days and it would be ready to be used along with your UK visa application.

You can checkout our UK Visa SOP client reviews in their own words. Not only that, but we also helped multiple people with UK Visa rejection get converted into approval just through the help of perfect SOP.

Since you know crucial details about the SOP, let us share the sample UK Visa SOP.

Statement of Purpose Sample for UK Student Visa

Name: Amisha Sharma

Visa Officer,
UK Visa Embassy

Subject: Statement of Purpose to apply for UK Student Visa

Institute: University of Southampton

Course: Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I feel delighted to introduce myself as a passionate marketing and business enthusiast who strives for learning and educating myself on business fundamentals and growth. I have Bachelors in Commerce along with 5 years of work experience working in variety of roles like Marketing Analyst, Manager of Marketing as well as Business Manager of well-established companies based in India like Flipkart, OYO Rooms and Swiggy. Through my work experience, I have learned and grasped deep secrets of marketing while at the same time setting all these companies for major success. For instance, while being at OYO Rooms for 2 years, I helped company secure services in over 30 major hotels in 5 different states and multiple cities. All through the knowledge and power of Marketing.

Not only I constantly got promoted to various roles in all three companies I worked for, but also I have got an offer to be Marketing Director at major fin-tech company in India. Although, I am fortunate enough to have such a great career in India, I personally feel a void when it comes to touching new heights in the world of Marketing.

My Passion for Masters of Business Administration

When I was doing my Bachelors of Commerce from University of Delhi, I was fully determinant to do Masters of Business Administration after my under-graduation. I first got an idea to do MBA from my elder brother-in-law who eventually went ahead and started his own successful company. When I reached to final year of Bachelors of Commerce, my plans started getting changed and I had to take a job right away because of some personal and family related reasons.

I do not regret starting the job right away. Why would I? In fact, I am much more grateful to the career I got to experience in past 5 years. However, the enthusiasm to do Masters of Business Administration course from some well known and globally recognized university was always there in all past 5 years. I was sure about the fact of doing MBA at some point regardless of worrying about the when-and-where part of this dream of mine.

Why Masters of Business Administration from UK and not my home country or any other country?

I would like to mention one fact that I have been doing tremendous research for past one and a half year focused around choosing best institutes to do my Masters of Business Administration (MBA). If I want to do MBA from India, I had an option to target Indian Institute of Management (IIM) to get an admission. However, the criteria to get into IIM is tough and time-consuming. It starts with preparing for entrance exams and due to my professional life, it was too ambitious to do so.

Not only that, but also the concept of foreign education and mingling with students and people from around the globe from such a diverse demographic such as UK was evolving in my mind day by day. I have confidence in myself that if I had decided to prepare for IIM, I would have cracked it but I would get limited from foreign learnings and I want to do that while I can given I am being 30 years old.

I have also considered two other countries like USA and Canada as options but the MBA course offered at University of Southampton was non-matchable by the universities I shortlisted in those countries. When I did a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat) analysis of UK, USA and Canada, the UK stood out among all three and was clear winner. There were other universities in UK I was interested to pursue MBA from but why I chose University of Southampton would be explained in further sections.

Why University of Southampton for MBA?

I am studying ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) which is a professional level of education, and successfully studied and attempt  9 papers out of 13 papers in Afghanistan, for the rest 4 professional level papers I decided to study it broad the country as there is no any institute or university in Afghanistan to provide tuition of these papers, after a long research and information I decided to study it in Canada, and I found an ACCA approved tuition provider (Toronto School of Management), for getting  admission and received letter of acceptance for session of March 2022, and the duration of the course is 10 months as per their schedule, studying with this organization will either help me to complete qualification of my ACCA, and from other side I will have equivalency of CPA Certified Public Accountant of Canada based on completion and achieving membership of ACCA.

The purpose of my study of remaining Papers of ACCA in Canada have two aspects, from one side I will complete my level of education with achieving CPA of Canada and from other side level of my English will be stronger more as I will be there  in English speaker environment so that could help me in improvement either of my capacity and communication and will be able to work in future on key positions to support my country as well my family.

From financial side I have no issue, and have enough resources either to cover my study and living cost in Canada and will also support my family in Afghanistan, my current monthly salary with SCI is USD 2,777 out of that I have saving of approximate 25,000 Canadian Dollars “see the attached two of my bank statements), this balance will be further increased for receiving coming months of my salaries up to March 2022.

Along with my salary I have additional saving approximately USD 22,000 with my current organization save the children international as a severance, this is 8 months of my current salary which will be paid one-month salary based on each year worked with SCI as per their policy and I will receive the amount with resignation.

Apart from my job with SCI I am owner of a consultancy firm (Pen Lead Management Consultancy) and receive part of my income from this source.

Refer to the above income sources I am confident that I or my family may not face with any financial issue up to completion of my education and returning back to my homeland Afghanistan.

Relevant to my travel history, I visited Spain, Netherland, Turkey, Ethiopia, India, Pakistan, UAE, Kazakhstan and Nepal during last 5 years.

I confirm that I have no any criminal case either inside or outside of Afghanistan and am happy to provide if there is need any information or documentation relevant to it.

Dear Visa Officer, I hope that you found my Statement of Purpose genuine. Also, I have accumulated and attached all the documents in proper order. I wish to be a lawful temporary immigrant in UK to accomplish all my study related dreams. Allow me a chance by approving my visa and I would be super grateful to the beautiful land of UK while I stay there.

Amisha Sharma

We hope you liked this SOP sample for UK Student visa. We are glad to tell you that Amisha got her visa approved through us with the help of this SOP that we wrote for her.

If you want us to write such information-rich SOP for your UK student visa application, feel free to reach out to us at for more information.

All the very best for your visa application.

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