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visa sop sample for canada student visa first time application

When it comes to sop for Canada student visa, we have well-presented some of the best visa SOP samples on our website. Applying for a visa is such a hectic process and one main complex part of the process is the visa SOP.

The Statement of Purpose is one such important visa document which you need to provide a full explanation on why you deserve the visa for Canada by a two or three pages long document. Fortunately, we have mastered the art of writing an SOP for Canada student visa that makes a greater impact in our client’s visa application and delivers positive results at the end with sky-rocketing success rate.

For example, we have had many clients in the past who have opted for Project Management courses at various colleges here in Canada. It’s one of the most popular courses among management students and also a few who have different educational backgrounds but are interested in pursuing Project Management as a further career.

In this article, we would be providing a basic visa SOP example for a project management course at any Canadian college. This is just a sample SOP and your program and college doesn’t need to be same obviously. The SOP is addressed and constructed for visa officer anyway.

Note that, copying this whole statement of purpose and just changing the variable information to yours will most-definitely result in unexpected results and you can have consequences. Canadian embassy has high standard plagiarism detection softwares and they want the Statement of Purpose to speak on your behalf and not someone else’s.

We recommend getting just the gist of how an SOP for Canada student visa can be structured and written powerfully.

If you still have difficulty or genuinely interested in getting an SOP written by us that is powerful and convincing to visa officer, feel free to get in touch with us by email: We have a well-defined process in place to draft your SOP from scratch which you can use right away in your visa application for Canada, or any country for that matter.

Before we present you with an ultimate visa sop sample, it is important to make you aware about some high level importance of the Statement of Purpose document.

Does the format matter in your SOP for Canada Student Visa?

It most certainly does. In our opinion, submitting a visa SOP without any particular format should always be avoided at all cost. A well formatted and properly structured Statement of Purpose (SOP) goes a long way in your visa application. It gives the visa officer a clear understanding about your goals and motivation behind coming to Canada and returning back to your home country after finishing your studies.

Visa SOP is not an essay. It’s a totally different thing. Better the format, better the readability and hence less chances of getting important points ignored by the visa officer. And, more chances of visa approval eventually.

What if you don’t want to return back to your home country?

It’s tricky. One of the main reasons why people get their student visa rejected is mentioning about staying and settling in Canada after their studies. That’s something you should never mention in your SOP. With a student visa, your goal should be limited to education only. If you are meaning to settle in Canada, there are different paths for you to take, for example, applying for Permanent Residency directly.

On the other hand, just plainly mentioning you would be returning back to your home country won’t be enough. You will have to convince the visa officer why it is important for you to return back after your studies and what are the main reasons your home country would be the first choice to have a greater career in.

Apart from these things, there are many others which you should take care of while drafting the Statement of Purpose for visa application.

With that said, let us provide you with a proper visa SOP example for the project management students.

SOP for Canada Student Visa

Ritika Bhardwaj,
New Delhi, India

Visa Officer,
Immigration and Citizenship, Canada

Subject: Statement of Purpose for Canada Student Visa Application for Diploma in Project Management at Centennial College

I feel glad to introduce myself as an IT and Project Management enthusiast person who has always thrived to do better in academic and professional environments. I have completed my Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science and graduated with flying colors back in 2014. After my under-graduation, I started working in the Information and Technology sector. After working in a few entry level roles, I got the opportunity to explore leadership roles at some of the prestigious Indian organizations. I have always been proactive, enthusiastic and curious to learn various technological as well as people skills.

With this Statement of Purpose for my Canadian student visa application, I aim to convince you why I would be a well-qualified student and well-deserved candidate for the country of Canada if you grant me a student visa approval.

Why a Diploma in Project Management at Centennial College?

Out of all the available options to me for my career, for some very interesting reasons, I have always been interested in leadership skills. I can see myself comfortable with people, organizing them for better productivity and achieving greater results in whatever sector they are working in. Not only myself, but project management can be considered one of the best options for any person working in the IT sector once they gain enough initial work experience.

As the world is becoming more and more IT centred, companies are keen to follow Agile work environments. And, as a project manager, it’s highly required to not only have people skills, but also management skills and technical skills. There’s a huge demand for project managers since Agile is getting super popular all over the world. And, if the person has Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, they would be considered highly reputed and given priority as compared to those who are not properly qualified to be a Project Manager.

After doing tremendous research about the best colleges providing Diploma in Project Management courses, I have set my mind with Centennial College for some obvious reasons. I have gone through the full course structure and it’s something I was exactly looking for. Not only that, Centennial College has one of the best management faculty and the campus environment has high standards. After shortlisting a few good options to study project management in Canada, Centennial College was the winner with great margin and I decided to go for this college.

I chose Centennial College as it is one of the best SPP colleges in Canada with a good standing record. The college is also approved as the Registered Education Provider (REP) by Project Management Institute (PMI).

The student reviews cite that the faculty members here include industry experts having immense knowledge and understanding of the business world. With the state-of-the-art facilities and support system, the curriculum is well balanced, covering all perspectives sufficient enough to start off the career as a manager.  

Why did I choose Canada and not my home country for the same course?

Undoubtedly, Canada has the highest quality education as well as academic standards which any student would be more than happy to graduate with. It’s inevitable that students from around the globe like India, China, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh etc. come to Canada for their further education. This sets up a diverse environment and brings in intangible benefits. Communicating and mingling with them would provide me with a diverse set of skills which I can permanently use in my career. Apart from all these, Canadian education has great value in the employment market. I have many friends who have studied in Canada and came back to India which led them to have an amazing and rewarding career.

If you ask me about why I did not prefer to study the project management related course in India, my reasons are very much straightforward. Firstly, I already have a bachelors education from India and I am very well aware about the Indian education system. Whatever I wanted to learn, I already learned in my under-graduation. If I think about studying one more course after taking a break from years of experience, I need to do something different and better. Also, at this point, I can easily afford Canadian education. Apart from the cheap fees, I am not fully satisfied with the Indian education system and its standards, especially in the project management field.

On the other hand, Canada has many certified Project Management Institutes and Centennial College is one of them. Canada is highly attuned to the needs of the business community making it way more dynamic. Canadian institutes have well organized curriculum providing traditional, challenging and new subjects to explore. Studying from the well experienced faculties providing immense support to the students would be much more beneficial to me when I come back to India to set up a bright career in the project management sector.

Work Experience and Relevance with Course

As I completed my undergraduate degree in computer science and engineering and commenced working for MikoMax Pvt Ltd and later for CommonFloor Ltd, two mid-sized multinational companies in India. I started working as a quality analyst, which enabled me to work across and within different teams to explore my analytical, technical and leadership skills by leading smaller teams for high-end clients.

The Graduate Certificate Diploma in Project Management program is mostly done by professionals or graduates with technical background to upgrade their management and leadership skills by incorporating complex engineering principles including time management and resource management. The course includes concepts and strategies that enable leading, launching and realizing benefits from different projects in profit as well as non profit organizations. Moreover, the whole industry is pacing towards Agile and candidates possessing a PMP certificate from PMI (Project Management Institute) would be very high in demand for the next few decades.

In the current scenario, an efficient manager is expected to have both technical and managerial skills along with business insights to lead a project successfully. I choose this program because it will definitely enhance my skill-set and offer me various methodologies and techniques to accept and tackle new challenges successfully.

In addition to that, the course will equip me with analytical and business-related skills with very strong emphasis on international challenges and issues as well. The course also helps in developing soft-skills – negotiation skills, teamwork and leadership skills and work schedule management over tight deadlines, which will help me kickstart my career as a project manager.

Future Goals

I am convinced that Canada is one of the better options to pursue this course since the education system ranks in top 10 worldwide. Moreover, the credential Graduate Certificate is highly valued in the Indian industry and is a prerequisite for PMP certification as well. Canadian culture is more diverse and vibrant where different perspectives are valued and learning and growing together is highly encouraged.

On acquiring this premier qualification, when I return to India, I will be in demand for prestigious careers at well reputed companies. My hometown and state are a host to IT parks that house more than 100 multinational companies including Fortune 500. Many more companies are in progress with their establishments. I am sure with my international experience, knowledge, skills and professional experience; I will easily be able to secure a job and contribute to my society substantially.

COVID Vaccination

I feel glad to inform you that I received two doses of the best COVID vaccine available in my home country. I am fully vaccinated and safe from COVID mutation. I will be putting all the available proofs of my vaccination in my visa file. However, if the Government of Canada asks me to cooperate with any COVID related protocols, I would be more than happy to comply with that, for example, quarantine in a hotel for 14 days or something else.

Why will I return back to my home country and not reside in Canada?

It would be my highest priority to return back to my home country, India because of some highly straightforward reasons. The main reason which tops all others is my family. I have senior parents who have already retired from their jobs. It’s my utmost priority to take care of them in their later stage of life.

I need to take care of the family properties once I graduate. Apart from that, I have many plans about setting up something of my own in India once I gain enough corporate experience. The only reason why I am coming to Canada is to take advantage of the Canadian education system, especially in the project management sector. If I wanted to settle, I would have easily applied for Permanent Residency as I am qualified because of my work experience in the field. However, that’s not something I wanted to do eventually and hence limited myself to student visa only.

Keeping these things in mind, returning back to my home country (India) is the most certain thing which will happen once I graduate from Centennial College.

Financial Ability

In order to secure my admission, I have paid my first-year fees in full totalling around $26,000 CAD (fee receipts attached in visa file) and have also transferred my one year living expense around $10,000 CAD as a part of GIC program (GIC certificates attached in visa file). My father is my primary sponsor and I am submitting his sponsor affidavit validating the same. Other financial documents such as bank statements, CA asset valuations are also submitted for your kind consideration. All and all, I have enough financial capability to support my educational and living expenses in Canada without any hassle.

I wish to get my visa application as soon as possible because my course starts in March 2021.

Dear Sir/Madam, I kindly request you to consider my visa application with priority. It’s very much important for me to have project management qualification from Centennial College to achieve greater positions in my career after coming back to India. If I get the visa approval granted, I assure you I would be a respectful guest to Canada obeying all the laws and regulations.

Thank you very much for your time.

Ritika Bhardwaj

As you read, drafting the SOP is such a process and it took us a considerable amount of time to draft this SOP for Canada student visa application for our client, Ritika. We are happy to inform you that she is in Canada already and about to complete her first semester at Centennial College.

Frequently Asked Questions (after reading this SOP)

Our readers ask reach out to us after reading through this refusal visa SOP sample to avail our professional visa SOP writing service. Before, we were writing SOPs for clients who are doing visa process through AbroadHero International only. Now, we have opened the doors for clients from worldwide to provide an impactful SOP.

So, can we help you in writing your SOP?

Yes. 100%. We can.

We are very transparent about our charges, so you don’t need to pay any hidden fees like those in-office consultants.

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How does the process work?

It’s easy and simple four step process.

Step 1: Contact

You contact us through email. Please mention if you are applying for the first time or after rejection. Also, if you want normal or express processing time.

Step 2: Payment

We will reply with the invoice for the payment. You can use debit or credit card make the payment.

Step 3: Requirement Gathering aka Questionnaire Form

Once you make the payment, we will send over a small Questionnaire form having all the details we need from you for drafting a perfect, strong visa SOP. For example, the year you passed your undergrad or diploma, work experience if you have any, your chosen program, your admission intake, the date you want to apply, IELTS or TOEFL score etc.

Step 4: Visa SOP Delivered by email

And, that’s it. You receive the completed SOP in your next email.

🚀Contact >> Payment >> Basic Form >> Completed SOP 🚀

You can also order our professional SOP writing service by contacting us at

If you have any more questions about rejection visa SOP, do let us know in the comment section.

If you have any questions about the student visa SOP, feel free to drop them in the comment section and we would love to address them right away.

Alternatively, you can email us at with all the visa application and SOP related enquiries.

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  • Neha Sharma

    July 15, 2022 - 5:03 pm

    Hi, I am applied for PR thrice recently and got rejected. I was unaware of the consequences of it. I took no guidance and because of my friend’s suggestion i applied it.

    due to this , do i have higher chances of student visa rejection? I got the offer letter from Centennial college.

    • Team AbroadHero

      November 30, 2023 - 12:41 am

      Hello Neha, don’t listen to your friends that much if they don’t have experienced the things practically. Send us an email at and we would love to help you with strong SOP which you will need in this case.

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