Statement of Purpose Sample for Canada Student Visa Rejection

visa sop sample for canada student visa refusal

Although getting a student visa rejection for Canada is very sad experience, it’s not end of the world. We have had clients in past with more than 5 visa rejections and eventually they managed to secure approval on what they thought would have been their last try. It doesn’t mean if you got one rejection, you need to get four more visa rejections similar to that client. It’s not like you keep applying and one day Canadian embassy will grant you a visa approval.

The main reason why those clients ended up with 5 rejections was, they kept doing the same thing in all their subsequent visa applications. It doesn’t work like that. You need to stand out in your next application if you are serious and address all the reasons why they rejected you in the first place.

These clients wished they would have known about us right after their first rejection and things would have been different for them.

So, if you are coming here right after your first rejection, consider yourself at right place. You would unlock some deep secrets about how Canadian student visa application works and how to increase your chances of approval with one thing and one thing only: “Statement of Purpose for Student Visa Application Rejection”

In this article, we will share a straight up proven sample visa SOP for rejection.

We wrote this kind of SOP for student visa for hundreds of our clients and it worked out hugely in their favor.

Full Disclosure: Please be mindful that copying this SOP as it is and just changing the variables in it would make things even worse for you. After all, what you are doing is not just some random college assignment submission. It’s Canadian visa application, that too after rejection. It should be a big deal.

We would like to mention it again and again. Avoid risking your visa rejected by plainly copy pasting this whole SOP and changing the information to your chosen program.

College assignment application is one thing and visa application is another. Visa officers are highly sorted individuals and they are deeply interested in knowing your true statement of purpose and why you deserve a second chance. It’s beyond big deal. Our team recommends to just reference this SOP. If you find it difficult to draft the perfect SOP, you can take Team AbroadHero’s professional help just like thousands of other individuals and get your own visa SOP for refusal (or even first time application) written from our team for nominal charges. Our email to reach out is

AbroadHero Team has helped students applying for the first time as well as people with multiple visa rejections getting their visa approved by writing “one-hundred-percent unique” and meticulously strong convincing SOP.

Every refusal Visa SOP we draft is stronger and helps tremendously to the applicant in getting a visa approval.

We follow unique process in drafting a perfect and convincing visa SOP.

If you order our service, we will send over a small Questionnaire Form which involves all the details we need from you for writing a strong, perfect student visa SOP. For instance, details on your previous application (undergrad or diploma), your visa rejection reasons, employment history if you have any, your selected program, your admission intake, the date you want to apply, English Language Proficiency (IELTS or TOEFL) score etc.

After getting the completed Questionnaire back, we begin the process of drafting the SOP perfectly circled around your academic and professional profile and ready to be included with your visa application.

Hear from our clients ten-folding their visa approval rate through our SOP. We also helped huge number of people to convert their “rejected” Canada visa file into “approved” one.

Those approvals are hidden into one document only, Visa SOP.

Before we jump into the sample visa SOP for rejection, let us share few important pointers with you.

Do they keep track of your old application if you apply for second time?


They do have history of your past application(s). Once you apply for your visa for the first time, a file with your passport number gets generated in visa embassy’s system and a brief history about your past application is being maintained. Although for how long is not known to consultancy world. But anyway, this should not impact your next application and you won’t being judged based on your past application at all.

However, be mindful about the fact that they would be looking for signs whether you are addressing the reasons mentioned in your previous application properly or not.

For example, if they rejected you based on financial assets, you should have that component strong in your second application. If you put the same financial proofs without improving on it, you might welcome another rejection for the same reasons.

Apart from that, if you have been rejected for Canada visitor visa, then that should not impact your student visa application.

As a matter of fact, a lot of students get rejected for not paying college/university tuition fees or forgetting to attach a fee receipt in visa application. Contrary to that, paying fees and putting a proof of fee payment in your visa application multifold the chances of approval. It all depends on variety of factors though.

Should a Statement of Purpose of Visa Rejection follow any particular format?

Answer is yes. A lot of people argue that even if you write the SOP in plain paragraphs without any headings or format, it should be fine and it would work. We don’t agree with that. Let’s assume even if they don’t care about the format, why take a risk and have your main pointers in SOP being missed out by visa officer?

Speaking logically, visa officers go through hundreds of applications daily. They wouldn’t be having time to read every single word in your SOP. They would be skimming through most parts and having a proper format makes their job a lot easier.

With that said, let us share with you a meaningful and proven SOP example for visa rejection for Canada (or any country for that matter).

SOP for Visa Rejection Format/Example

Name:  Bryce Holiday
Address: 17, Westwind Drive,
Maharashtra, India

Visa Officer,
High Commission of Canada

Subject: Statement of Purpose for Re-Application of Student Visa

Being born and brought up in one of the fastest developing country in the world, India, I have realized one thing for sure, your dreams don’t always come true at first trial. We are widely known for our “not giving up ever” attitude throughout the world. With that said, I am writing this Statement of Purpose Letter to address my previous visa rejection. I have applied for the course of Masters in Management at University of Toronto and I have received an unexpected refusal, possibly because of some irresponsibility in application from my side or more likely some misunderstanding by visa officer because of the lack of efforts in my Statement of Purpose letter I submitted.

I was rejected for my previous visa application because of the following reasons:

  • Not satisfied that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay, based on financial status and personal assets
  • Not satisfied that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay because your chosen course is not in light of your past education, work experience or limited prospects in your home country

Before I go to the heart of my Statement of Purpose, I want to make one thing loud and clear that my purpose behind coming to Canada is to only study and return back peacefully once I graduate.

Why Masters in Project Management from University of Toronto?

The primary reason why I chose Canada over my home country was due to the lack of Project Management courses. Canada is a multicultural country with diversity and considered to be on the forefront when it comes to it’s fast growing and industrialized economy. The high standards of living coupled with low costs of accommodation attracts every student to consider Canada when it comes to quality education.

I chose Masters in Project Management in University of Toronto (Ontario) because it being one of the  top most institutions in the country, I will have an exposure to students from different parts of the world coupled with extensive research resources and substantially experienced tutors.

In the future, after completing my graduation from Canada, I wish to work for reputed organizations in India as a highly qualified management professional. I also aspire to work for big tech companies like Infosys, IBM and Oracle based out in India.

Relevancy with My Past Education and Work Experience

Management related subjects during under graduation made me realize the importance of management, leadership for an engineer along with how it leads to the overall success of a project being undertaken. I realized I need to acquire deeper understanding of the management principles and thus have decided to pursue my graduate certificate degree in Project Management from University of Toronto.

Having a Canadian degree will not only help me in focusing more on the needs of my career and problem solving abilities but also help in honing my interpersonal communication skills and hence improve my employment chances in India.

Being an international student with foreign degree, I will be considered first at the time of joining a company because students like me have experienced multi-cultural ambience so I believe I can adjust in any situation.

I have always been a passionate student during my education right from my kindergarten to completion of my bachelor’s degree. l did my schooling in New English School, Mumbai until 12th (1997-2012) and graduated with Bachelors in Electronics and Telecommunications from National Institute of Technology, Punjab, India (2012-2016).

After my graduation, I worked as a project engineer with Bharat Petroleum and managed their ongoing projects. I got an opportunity to work on the initiation and planning process of a construction project. My main role was to prepare BOQ’S, Switch Graphics, Structure and purpose of switches which was very challenging and took a lot of efforts but with persistent handwork, I realized I am capable to handle such difficult times with positivity.

My tenure in Vodafone India Pvt Ltd as a Senior Project Engineer proved to me the most useful as it was a kick start for my interest in the field of project engineering as I garnered a lot of new ideas and experiences by working on million dollar projects and also using company managed patents for core research products.

I worked as a Lead Business Development Engineer for another well known Indian conglomerate, Reliance Industries. It was a perfect opportunity to grow as a Team Leader and made me learn how to handle pressure. The most demanding task here was to form a team and get them going on the right track.

Why I will surely come back to India?

Honestly speaking, I brainstormed a lot and I truly think my reasons to come back to India outweighs staying in Canada.

My main reason is both my parents are old and I will have to start taking care of them in near future. Apart from that, I will have to maintain their properties and assets for better.

Keeping my future ambition into consideration, I believe a good graduate program is an essential step for enhancing my professional career. My objective is to learn and gain a more global perspective to international standards in a more specialized and-result oriented curriculum. I believe having an opportunity to study in Canada would take me one step closer to my dream.

With that said, once I graduate, I would happily love to come back to my home country India and work on meaningful organizations to make a change.

Financial Ability

I have decent financial ability to cover my academic as well as living expenses during my stay in Canada.

My father is working as a Bank Manager for ICICI Bank in India for past 15 years and his current annual gross salary of 50,000 CAD. My mother is a Senior Community Manager at a well known Long Term Care Home in Mumbai and draws an annual salary of around 35000 CAD.

Along with family annual income, we do have savings of approximately 70000 CAD. The assets we own includes a bungalow in the heart of the city costing approximately 200,000 CAD .We also have a plot of land with a current market value of 120,000 CAD.

Apart from these financial resources, I have also paid 24,000 CAD as a part of my tuition fees at University of Toronto. In addition to that, I have paid 10,000 CAD as a part of Scotiabank’s Student GIC program to cover my living expenses.

Dear Sir/Ma’am, I hope you find my application in professional manner and consider me a serious student who is interested in taking advantage of beautiful Canadian education system. I can assure you if granted a visa approval, I would be a peaceful guest to Canada during my whole stay and return back to my home country once I graduate from my program.

I request you to reconsider my application and do the needful.

Thank you for considering my candidature as a prospective graduate student.

Bryce Holiday

We hope you liked this visa sop sample addressing rejection case for Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions (after reading this SOP)

We get messages on our social media from people after reading through this refusal visa SOP sample. Please check if your question is listed here. If not, feel free to reach out. We would love to help.

Can we help you in writing your SOP?

Yes. Absolutely, we can.

We are very transparent about our charges, so you don’t need to pay any hidden fees like those in-office consultants.

Update: In response to COVID-19 pandemic, we understand, a lot of students are experiencing financial trouble. Keeping that in mind, we are putting a huge discount on all sorts of orders. Making them “almost” free as compared to our pre-COVID prices. Quality of the work and service would be same as before.

Normal Delivery:  10 days 🚌
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You can reach out to us by email:


To save time, you can place your order directly on our website.

How does the process work?

It’s easy and simple four step process.

Step 1: Contact

You contact us through email. Please mention if you are applying for the first time or after rejection. Also, if you want normal or express processing time.

Step 2: Payment

We will reply with the invoice for the payment. You can use debit or credit card make the payment.

Step 3: Requirement Gathering aka Questionnaire Form

Once you make the payment, we will send over a small Questionnaire form having all the details we need from you for drafting a perfect, strong visa SOP. For example, the year you passed your undergrad or diploma, work experience if you have any, your chosen program, your admission intake, the date you want to apply, IELTS or TOEFL score etc.

Step 4: Visa SOP Delivered by email

And, that’s it. You receive the completed SOP in your next email.

🚀Contact >> Payment >> Basic Form >> Completed SOP 🚀

You can also order our professional SOP writing service by contacting us at

If you have any more questions about rejection visa SOP, do let us know in the comment section.

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    Received visa refusal yesterday
    Reason was Purpose of visit

    Bca 2017
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    Applied for 1 year pg diploma in data analytics for business decisions making

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