[Latest Update] – TR to PR Pathway Canada – Temporary Resident to Permanent Resident of Canada

Information on TR to PR pathway to Canada

Everyone is super confused, anxious and stressful about this new program that Government of Canada introduced called, “temporary resident to permanent resident pathway” or shortly referred as TR to PR pathway of Canada.

Some wish, they should have waited a couple months more so they could complete their 1 year Canadian experience and apply under Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program.

We also have a few clients who are in the same boat and we are doing tremendous research about this new TR to PR program related to it’s processing time, wait time to get AORs (Acknowledgement of Receipt).

We are sure you don’t like to hear this answer but the truth is: It’s all random.

A few of our clients were able to pass successfully in the process within 3-4 months while a few are waiting till 9-10 months. Some even a year.

In this post, we will be clearing few common doubts that many of our clients and other TR to PR applicants have.

We know thousands of international students as well as few work permit holders have applied for TR to PR and they are in never-ending wait and wait situation.

What is TR to PR Pathway Program?

We know you are most likely to skip this part because if you are on this article, that means you know the basics of this program.

First thing you need to know is, this TR to PR program is not gonna be there forever. It’s temporary program created by IRCC, especially because of the affected immigration in Canada and huge number of CEC and other program applicants.

If you have worked in Canada or recently graduated, you are in luck and qualify for this program.

What are the advantages of TR to PR program as compared to other traditional programs to become Permanent Resident of Canada?

There are many for international students but not so many for work permit holders who are working in Canada.

For international students, the major advantage is they do not need to wait the one whole year to get Canadian Experience in their relevant field. Instead they can apply for TR to PR program and get into becoming PR of Canada right away after graduating.

For work permit holders, we would advice them to prefer Candian Experience Class PR program if they are about to complete their one year of work experience in relevant field.

However, if you don’t have relevant field job, go ahead and prefer the TR to PR pathway program.

What is the Processing Time for TR to PR Pathway?

Based on our research, the IRCC has stated the majority of applications will be processed by end of the year, before December 2021. However, it seems bit unrealistic given the number of people who took advantage of this amazing new program to become permanent residence of Canada.

Especially, if you are not doing your application properly which is highly likely if you don’t have much experience or miss out something in a hurry, you will end up delaying it further.

We understand as it’s new program that Government of Canada or IRCC created, there’s not much information available on internet to do research. But, our team has nailed down the process and we are able to submit applications in lightening speed without missing out important details.

Why you did not receive your AOR (Acknowledgement of Receipt)?

So, as you all know May 6th was the day when floodgates got opened for TR to PR pathway and everybody jumped in right on the same day.

You also know some of your friends received AOR (Acknowledgement of Receipt), but you are that one unlucky in group who did not get the AOR on the same day. That’s weird.

In our client-base, our team has applied for 30 international students in Canada for TR to PR pathway program and 21 of them received the AOR on the same day. Unfortunately, the other 9 are still waiting. While we are still trying to figure out the reasons by comparing each case, we do not have a 100% on point reasons why some people are just randomly being left out. We followed the same process for applications to all the clients and ideally each of them should have received their AORs.

Like everyone else, we were just ready with the applications to submit on the very same day and the we submitted 15 applications in first couple hours and rest throughout the day. If you were bit late than May 6th, you will have to wait bit longer for the AOR. We can partially determine the reason that most clients who received AORs got their applications submitted earlier. It’s not too sure the applications are being processed in chronological order though. We know a couple of people submitted around 8 PM which is 8 hours after the program opened and they still got the AOR for TR to PR pathway program.

Linking the Application to GCKey Account

This step is the most important one. You are supposed to link your TR to PR application with your GCKey account right away as soon as you receive your AOR for TR to PR application. The longer you wait, increased of chances in getting your overall application delayed further and further. Do not neglect on this.

If you need our professional help in linking the TR to PR application to your GCKey account, contact our immigration team at TeamAbroadHero@gmail.com

The reason to do this on lightening speed is, once you link your TR to PR application with your GCKey account, the IRCC will take a look and see if you are missing any documents or they need additional information. You need to get green tick-marks on all checkboxes on GCKey account. That’s important to get your TR to PR application processed successfully.

We are here to help..

If you have any specific questions related to Temporary Resident to Permanent Resident program, feel free to ask them in the comment section and we would love to provide you with genuinely helpful answers.

We wish you all the best and hope you become Permanent Resident of this beautiful country, Canada!

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