Letter of Recommendation from Professor for MS in US Sample

Letter of Recommendation sample for MS in US

Letter of Recommendation (LOR) for MS in US is one of the highly required documents if you are planning for further studies in USA or any other country. No matter what level of course or college/university you are applying for, LOR (Letter of Recommendation) helps tremendously with your admission process for the Master of Science courses in USA.

If admission committee needs to make a decision between two candidates and they have one candidate with a couple of LORs submitted from previous professors, they would highly consider that candidate if details in the LOR makes a lot of sense to them.

In this article, we would be sharing one really well written LOR sample with you. But, before we do that, let us give you some context.

What is an LOR (Letter of Recommendation)?

As the name implies, it’s a document in letter format written by your previous reference, colleague or university professor. A typical LOR (Letter of Recommendation) talks about your career achievements at university, your attendance and regularity, your project involvement and mingling with other students, your subject knowledge and few more things which your professor commends and appreciates in yourself.

What is an LOR (Letter of Recommendation) for MS in US based University?

In this particular post, we would be focusing mainly on LOR for university admission application. We have few other LORs available on our website dedicated to LOR from colleague, LOR from Manager, LOR from Head of Department at University as well as Reference Letters.

LOR for University admission involves terms and context dedicated to your professor wanting to help you in securing admission at your dream university in Canada or any other country you are planning for.

How long should be an LOR for MS in US and what should be the format?

When it comes to length of an LOR, you can’t generally put a fixed number there. Generally, it should be maximum one page in length. If you think you are going to have an LOR exceeding one page, consider decreasing the font size. It should be very brief yet concise. It shouldn’t be too wordy and distracting.

Shouldn’t your professor actually write an LOR in his own words and format?

That’s very fairytale situation. In these days, no professor would have time to write such letter for their alumni students. Along with you, there would be many other students standing in queue to get such letter written from that same professor. Remember, not all the students plan for studying abroad right after their graduation. Some consider it after 5 years of work experience. So, there’s always gonna be a few guys bugging any particular professor at university demanding a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) from professor or Head of the Department.

With that said, most of these professors consider you to write the letter from his perspective and then send him for the review. He would then skim through the letter and put his sign at the end. You probably know that! But, if you can get professor to actually write an LOR for MS in US, that would really be awesome. Consider sending him link of this article so he can follow the proper format.

Now, without any delay, let us share a perfect and standard Letter of Recommendation (LOR) sample for MS in US from professor at your current or previous university.


LOR Sample for MS in USA

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation on behalf of  Krunal Sharma. I have known Krunal for over four years, primarily as Professor and Head of the Computer Science Department at Punjab National University. I have closely mentored him throughout his undergraduate studies and so can appraise both his technical and managerial abilities.

Academically, he was the highest ranked student to enroll to our department [2012-16]. I have tutored him the subjects: Advanced Java Programming, Software Development Lifecycle and Operating Systems in his final year.

He topped my course and few other courses during his under-graduate studies. Krunal maintained an excellent academic record and ranked 4th out of 127 students in the department. He secured university ranks of 7 and 13 in his 5th and 7th semesters respectively among nearly 220 schools affiliated to the university, which is indeed a laudable achievement.

During his junior year, he was recruited to the Web Development lab of a university library system as a summer intern, where he worked on developing best possible library system which is used currently with very heavy load. This is where he found his flair for Software Development and Computer Science in general.

Later, he took up advanced projects spanning the end-to-end eCommerce websites and much more. For his final year thesis, he designed, verified and synthesized a raspberry pi board and extended the physical netlist to GDSII format, met various die-size, congestion, timing and low power challenges to make an excellent robo-cleaner machine. It was a very well coordinated team effort under rigid time constraints while he interned at LSI and also completed some core courses. 

In addition to his technical capabilities, Krunal has demonstrated excellent leadership and volunteering qualities. The institution nominated him to the Youth Summit-2015, initiated by Ignite members, where he underwent a eight-month mentorship drill in Consulting & Leadership at Salesforce Labs to nurture his technology consulting interests. Alongside, he served the IEEE student body of Punjab National University as Treasurer during 2012-13 and worked with the core committee to initiate many workshops, technical hackathons and coding sessions.

Krunal is a rare find. He is well-trained, highly motivated and detail-oriented. His enthusiasm reflects in his work and his team. I strongly recommend him for admission to the graduate program at your university. Please feel free to contact me for any further clarifications. 

Dr. Keyur Chandrawarmi
Professor and Head of the Computer Science Department
Punjab National University
Phone: 9191919191
E-mail: TeamAbroadHero@gmail.com

So, there goes the perfect LOR sample for your MS in US admission process. We have drafted this LOR sample for one of our client back in 2016 and with his permission we are sharing this document with our future clients.

Our goal was not to give you something to copy paste. Trust us, that would do nothing but endanger your university application. If you are this far in your MS in US admission process, you should know how big of a deal it is for Masters of Science courses in USA when it comes to plagiarism.

Professional LOR Writing Service by AbroadHero Team

If you still have trouble to draft a strong Letter of Recommendation or Statement of Purpose, get in touch with our team at TeamAbroadHero@gmail.com and we would help you create a strong LOR for MS in USA for a very nominal fees.

All the best!

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